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Spreading The Gospel To Ever-Person

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                                                                 Pastor Lelton L.James                                                                        

I want to take this opportunity,along with all our members to extend our hands and hearts in welcomming you to worship with us at the exciting Bible Baptist Church of Everman.Bible Baptist Church of Everman is a church designed with you in mind.A place to worship,A place to serve, and a place to belong.A place where you can experience a life changing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.A place where people really care about you.A special place for special people like you.One of our strenghts at Bible Baptist Church of Everman is helping families.Bible principles are taught giving children the foundations to make responsible choices.Helping couples in the development of a happy meaningful life and find ways to make homes what we desire them to be.Bible Baptist Church is a gathering of friends with one thing in common.We love the Lord Jesus Christ!We love and care about each other.We would like to share this love and concern with you.Every member of our church joins my wife and I in inviting you to worship with us.